Monday, August 26, 2013


I had an experience a couple of weeks ago while shopping with my 6 kids--which is an experience in and of itself, a special kind of torture. But, I really needed to go to the store as we were out of several necessary items.

While shopping, I had my 2-year-old asleep in the top of the cart, and was herding the remainder of my children throughout the store. My 4-year-old boy kept trying to ride under the cart, which I told him was unsafe and to get out from under there. I had told him at least twice, including the warning that he could get hurt.

Fast forward to the end of the cart wheel had gotten stuck on something, so I was backing up when I hear my son screaming. As I looked for him, I realized that he had been UNDER the cart without my knowledge. The result was the loss of his entire nail, a trip to urgent care and lots of other shoppers and store employees around to see the entire unfolding of this disaster due to the insanely loud and large amounts of screaming going on. (I should get a shirt, or at least a mug, that says: "Mom of the Year" for sure!)
I might add that the next day, I heard that the majority of the employee meeting was about this incident. :/

I hope he learned a good lesson about obedience that day. More importantly, I hope that he (and my other kids will learn the importance of obeying God's laws as well.
He that keepeth [God’s] commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.” (D&C 9:28)
Just as obedience for a little child to their parents is a large safety net, so obeying our Heavenly Father brings us great blessings as we learn to do His will. We aren't given commandments to restrict us, but rather to protect us and bring us happiness, peace, salvation and exaltation! President Thomas S. Monson recently stated:
"There are rules and laws to help ensure our physical safety. Likewise, the Lord has provided guidelines and commandments to help ensure our spiritual safety so that we might successfully navigate this often-treacherous mortal existence and return eventually to our Heavenly Father." ("Obedience Brings Blessings", April 2013 General Conference)
As our Creator, He does know what is best for us, what we need to learn, and the effect sin and disobedience can have on us. We don't need to be perfect, but we need to strive toward it so we will be ready when the time comes and we be comfortable and want to dwell in His presence.

Our Savior is the greatest example of obedience. He was tempted, tried, and went through unimaginable experiences, yet he remained true and faithful to the Father always. I am so grateful that he was willing to be obedient to fulfill his calling on this earth so that all mankind may be saved.

The things we are asked to do are simple and easy, yet we still are not fully obedient. Pray, read scriptures, keep the Sabbath day holy, be honest, love one another, and to do good are not hard things to do. We don't have to do it all at once, but start somewhere, start today. Increase your obedience, increase your faith, and blessings will be granted.

Just as parents want to praise and reward our children for doing what they are asked, so does our Father in Heaven want to pour out His blessings upon us if we will only be obedient!

© Wendy 2013 

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