Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Miracle

I know that people sometimes like to dismiss miracles as a coincidence or "luck," but I see them for what they are: when God intervenes in human lives. I believe it happens more often than not. I've witnessed so many in my life--so many big or little ways God has worked in my life to accomplish good and to help me.

This weekend, my husband had some of his family visiting, so we all did some outdoor recreation together. As we were at Toquerville Falls yesterday afternoon, we witnessed a miracle.

This is a fun spot to play with water falls, a place where you can jump off, and more shallow areas where children can play.

The jumping spot

The kids were also fascinated to see tadpoles in one of the pools.

We were all enjoying our time together as a family, when things took a frightening turn. Some other visitors to this same spot had a recreational vehicle they had been driving around. I'm not sure what made us all look up to the top of one of the cliffs, but when we did, we saw the side-by-side heading toward the edge--without a driver--while one of the owners ran to attempt to stop it. We all screamed in horror as we saw it go over the edge toward our little ones playing in the water.

My 3 youngest children (pictured above, playing near the same spot they were in when the vehicle crashed) as well as two of my nieces were in immediate danger. One of my nieces was able to hear it coming and stepped further away. It crashed down on the nose and came to rest on its side without harming anyone. The children were playing in pools on either side of the vehicle.

Here's a view from the top where it rolled from starting near the white trucks.

 If the vehicle had bounced or rolled or had gone any further, it likely would have killed some precious little children. They were probably within 5 feet of the landing spot, just to the bottom side of the side-by-side in this picture.

Without a doubt, angels from Heaven were shielding these precious babies while other unseen beings guided the vehicle down to its resting place without harming anyone. Well, except for the nerves of the parents and grandparents, of course! There is no fear or horrible feeling worse that that of a parent who can do nothing to rescue their children.

My thoughts following that moment quickly recalled my prayer from that morning asking for safety as we went about our day. God does answer prayers and is keenly and individually aware of us and our needs and circumstances.

Tears and feelings of terror come as I think of what could have been. I couldn't imagine the pain of losing a child. Hug your children and loved ones. And pray for them, always. He listens and protects and creates miracles.

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