Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Uplifting Weekend

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Time Out for Women. It's put on by Deseret Book and includes speakers (many or all of whom are authors) and musical groups.

Each year, they have a theme that each of the speakers put an emphasis on. "Living Proof" was this year's theme, so we were invited to focus on how we are "living proof" of God's love.

I try to jot down notes so I can remember some of what was said, though I'm not super successful all the time. Here's some of my notables (some are quotes, though they might not be exactly accurate):

Me, Jenny Oaks Baker--super talented
musician with crazy-talented children
"True faith is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not that something specific will happen." ~ Jenny Oaks Baker

Tim Ballard,
Operation Underground Railroad,
OUR Rescue

Allow Heavenly Father to put you in circumstances to grow. ~ Mary Ellen Edmunds

God will compensate for everything that happens in this life. (something awesome like that.) ~ Soni Muller, Mercy River

"Look at Christlike lives and find inspiration, not competition." ~ Lisa Valentine Clark

"When we take the sacrament, are we thinking about what He did in the Garden?" ~ Eric Huntsman

Mercy River's Christmas album that has
the song "Real." 

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a REAL person, not just a story, memory, or myth. Mercy River sang this beautiful song called "Real" that makes you think differently about the Nativity story. (Get their newest's SOOO GOOD.)

"Jesus Christ knows who you are, what has happened to you, and what will happen to you." ~ Meg Johnson

Those are just a few of the highlights. I really love having these opportunities to be spiritually fed. There is so much going on in the world, so taking time to slow down and feed my spirit is vital. We each need to take time to refocus and spend time working on ourselves and our testimonies.

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