Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finding Hope

At times we may become despondent due to the trials, struggles and hardships we all face. Whether it's an internal struggle or something more obvious to those around us, finding hope is something we do to make it through the rough spots.

I recently saw this hope-inspiring quote:


The big thing that keeps getting reaffirmed to me often as I go through my life is that our hope is in Christ. Because of Him, wrongs will be made right, we can make changes in our life, we can be comforted, we can find strength, we can be healed and we can find hope. Christ is the ultimate source of hope. Without Him, all would be lost. 

I'm a firm believer in miracles, every day miracles that some may dismiss as mere coincidence or luck. But, how could so many things occur just when you need it the most? How could a friend know to call you when you're really down and need someone? I've noticed recently many times where He has extended His hand to show love, to strengthen my hope and to let me know He is aware of my circumstances. 

Look at your life and try to notice where he has lifted, inspired, comforted or you could just feel "something" there to give you hope. He is there for us regardless of our situation. We just need to notice.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do we know who we are?

I recently finished reading the story of Elizabeth Smart, "My Story." Smart was taken from her home at knife-point when she was only 14-years-old, raped daily, sexually abused, threatened, starved, dehydrated and manipulated for 9 months at the hands of her captors. Yet, through it all, she not only experienced many miracles, she also kept a strong sense of self, had strength and wisdom beyond her years and had faith in Heavenly Father. She was able to get through her horrific experience with her head held high.

How is this possible? How could she keep so strong?

Because she knows who she is.

She was raised knowing and was also taught in church that she is a daughter of God. How would this change things if we all truly believed and knew this fundamental truth?

Sheri Dew, in a 2001 address to women said:
"Our spirits long for us to remember the truth about who we are, because the way we see ourselves, our sense of identity, affects everything we do. It affects the way we behave, the way we respond to uncertainty, the way we see others, the way we feel about ourselves, and the way we make choices. It affects the very way we live our lives."
This surely influenced Smart in her heroism in a terrible situation. The knowledge of who we really are can do the same for us in our life's trials. This knowledge can change the way we think, act, feel and treat others--all of us children of God.

When we know who we are, we become an unstoppable force for righteousness. Dew continues:
"Satan's all-out attempt to prevent us from understanding how the Lord sees us, because the more clearly we understand our divine destiny, the more immune we become to Satan."
The world is full of confusion, especially when it comes to our identities. We feel inferior, we don't know the paths to take, we feel purposeless. We believe the lies the world (Satan) tells us--we're ugly, fat, weak, unsuccessful, bad moms, friendless and alone. But, the opposite is true.

We are created in the image of a perfect God. We are children of God. We are far more amazing than we can imagine. We can do more than we ever thought possible. We are so precious as individuals that God sent His only son to pay the price for us, an ultimate sacrifice of a perfect life, to save us in our imperfect lives.

If you don't know who you are yet, or you don't believe it, find out. Ponder, pray, search so you can fully come to know and understand who you are--who you have always been.

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