Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finding Hope

At times we may become despondent due to the trials, struggles and hardships we all face. Whether it's an internal struggle or something more obvious to those around us, finding hope is something we do to make it through the rough spots.

I recently saw this hope-inspiring quote:


The big thing that keeps getting reaffirmed to me often as I go through my life is that our hope is in Christ. Because of Him, wrongs will be made right, we can make changes in our life, we can be comforted, we can find strength, we can be healed and we can find hope. Christ is the ultimate source of hope. Without Him, all would be lost. 

I'm a firm believer in miracles, every day miracles that some may dismiss as mere coincidence or luck. But, how could so many things occur just when you need it the most? How could a friend know to call you when you're really down and need someone? I've noticed recently many times where He has extended His hand to show love, to strengthen my hope and to let me know He is aware of my circumstances. 

Look at your life and try to notice where he has lifted, inspired, comforted or you could just feel "something" there to give you hope. He is there for us regardless of our situation. We just need to notice.

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  1. thank you so much for this post. i really needed it. the past few days have been full of pretty bad news from some of my closest friends. i need the reminder to have hope.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that! I, too, have been going through some difficult things, but my faith, hope and testimony have been helping me through! Hang in there! I'm sure you're a great support for your friends.

  3. I have been through a darkest hole .. where manipulation takes over by your trust in those who plagerize the mind while in confusion and pain and lead you to be in their control of your life...where plots and plans were to ruin my existence and distant those who cared and loved me . To be put at fault and ruin my good name... just same as in the past was done by who tore my life apart an ex that never allowed a civilized life to build for a future more for my kids than mine..where what was given to me by my father by his and my mothers sacrafices was burned away on gambling and pleasures of life....everything i would build or was given to me or that i earned tbrough yrs hard work , swet and tears trying and trying was always destroyed .. left me battling to conserve the swet and tears even of his own parents... but violence and control over his wantings would leave me weak and unwilling to acknowledge others of what was happening.. so to try to overcome and hope that it would change and get better.. all what ended up in his hands was gambled away along witb his pleasures in see I've always battled so much to live in peace and civilized.... worked hard ... a villa to clean and paint with own hands to restore inside with hard work and defication in making it look at its best ...kept like a jewel while in my hands .. his mother in need cuz of health probs was cared for and nursed by me untill her last ounce of breath ... i was a caregiver in every aspect. .. while raising caring for my 2 children all alone... distant from my parents and rest of family accross the Atlantic Ocean and who i would never inform of what turmoil i was in..even if they imagined and knew from some things they had seen from certain episodes when livin at home with them that short while. Where i then had to move out so to spare them any angish nor to put them through any sorrow for what i was enduring..I devoted my heart and soul to everything especialy for my children and yet taking faults and beating in many past years.. in trying to kee everything together ... I've been lost and weakened in depression by my tormented heart that gave consistantly to own flesh and blood that didn't want to get a life set right.. nor think of her future .. in a world of total dispare, confusion and fear during that circle of the aftermath left me traumatized and in fear in which both owned my soul for all the evil around me .. where my mind became un capable to realize the bad .. the evil.. now am able to talk bout it a bit .. so much behind all this that words cannot describe...untill now still hoping that those who contributed put their hand to their soul in taking responsibility in breaking down the one that raised you.. just so to condemn distroy good name...instead of defending the one who put you into the world and always fought and defended those who secretly have torn their own apart.. untill I was lead tl a light never seen before . Where The Madonna came around to lead me there with her love and the Lords guidance and one who truley knows me inside and out and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find me and bring me back for he knew what was done to me to tare iur lives him and few loved ones who never gave up on me .. like my sister Mary and her peaceful wise communications to me in prayers with faith in God , in Jesus, the Madonna... through true loved ones had me come out of a dark dark im in Gods hands may God give me more strength

    1. Hang in there! Pray for strength. The power of prayer is unmatched. Rely on the faith and hope you do have and He will strengthen you. He is acutely aware of your circumstance and needs and knows how to succor you and heal you.