Book Reviews (published)

"Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order and Joy" --I reviewed this book compiled by The Power of Moms. I really thought this book was better than most mom books I've read--inspiring, motivating, uplifting--I loved it! Published online and in print (section C page 4 in the Deseret News) on Nov. 25, 2012.

"Christmas in Bliss" by Michele Ashman Bell online Dec. 15, 2012 and in print on Dec. 16, 2012 in the Deseret News.

"Zack and Zoey Explore the Articles of Faith" music by Lex de Azevedo. -- product review-CD/DVD. This is such a fun DVD and CD for kids and families. Published online January 2, 2013 and on Jan.3, 2012 in the Mormon Times section C page 2 of the Deseret News.

 Published online in the Deseret News January 18, 2013, and in print January 24, 2013 in the Mormon Times section of the Deseret News, page 5.

"The Gospel of Second Chances" by Lloyd Newell: This is a really good book to learn more about the Atonement. Published online in the Deseret News February 2, 2013 and in print May 23, 2013 page C2 in the Mormon Times section.

 "Candy Experiments" by Loralee Leavitt. This is great for kids, families and teachers! Published online for the Deseret News on February 9, 2013 and in print February 10, 2013 in section C page 3 in the Deseret News.

"Tide Ever Rising" by Mandi Tucker Slack. LDS fiction, pretty good read. Published online in the Deseret News on February 16, 2013 and in print in the Mormon Times Section C page 8 on April 12, 2013

 Tips for living (based on the book): "10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission" by Benjamin Hyrum White. Published online in the Deseret News on March 20, 2013 and in print in the Mormon Times section C page 2 March 21, 2013.

Tips for living (based on the book): "Teaching to Build Faith and Faithfulness" by Kathy K. Clayton. online April 3 & 4, 2013 in the Deseret News and Section C Page 2 of the Mormon Times.

 "The Shelter Cycle" by Peter Rock: online April 20, 2013 in the Deseret News and in print April 21, 2013 section C page 4 of the Deseret News.

CD Review of "The Piano Guys 2", The Piano Guys: Published online in the Deseret News May 3, 2013 and in print in the Mormon Times section C page 11 May 5, 2013

"Can't is Merely a Contraction for Can Try" by Nelladet Stettler Published online May 7, 2013 in the Deseret News and May 8, 2013 in the Family section page C2.

"Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait" narrative by DeAnne Flynn and photographs by Bill Crnkovich. Such a gorgeous book. Published online May 25, 2013 and in print section C pages 6 & 20.

"Fatherhood: The Manliest Profession" by Matthew Buckley--so funny! Published online June 11, 2013 and in print June 12, 2013 page C6.

"I Want to Be a Missionary Now: Songs for the Future Army of Helaman" by Clive Romney. Published July 23, 2013 online and July 25, 2013 in print section C2.

"Heaven's Just a Prayer Away" by Diony George Published online and in print (section C2) August 22, 2013

"Emergency Preparedness: A Practical Guide for Preparing Your Family" by Evan Gabrielsen. Published online August 27, 2013 and in print section C6 August 28, 2013.

"Sleigh Rides, Jingle Bells and Silent Nights: A Cultural History of American Christmas Songs" By Ronald D. Lankford Pub. Dec. 6, 2013, in print Dec. 8, 2013 page C3

"Times Like These" by Wayne Burton Pub. Dec. 24, 2013, Printed Dec. 26, 2014 in the Deseret News.

"Bringing the World His Truth" by Marshall McDonald Pub. Jan 14, 2014 online, in print Jan. 16, 2014 Mormon Times, Deseret News.

"Come Alive" by Mercy River Pub. Feb. 19, 2014, printed Feb. 20, 2014

'180 Experiences that Will Strengthen Your Marriage' is by Dustin A. Wiggins. (Provided by Dustin Wiggins)

"180 Experiences that will Strengthen Your Marriage" by Dustin A. Wiggins Pub. April 1, 2014, printed April 2, 2014

"Grace: A Sacred Cello Collection" by Steven Sharp Nelson Pub. April 3, 2014, in print as well.

Karen John wrote 'Guilt Free: Using Remorse to Escape the Adversary's Tool.' (Cover image, Cedar Fort Publishing & Media)

"Tips for living: 'Guilt Free' shares 6 lies the adversary tells"  Pub. May 21, 2014, in print May 22, 2014

"Tips for living: 'Borrowed Angel' offers personal experiences of coping with grief"  Pub. June 4, 2014, June 5 in print

'Til the Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort' is by Utah resident Sarah Sample and Edie Carey. (Provided by Waldmania)

"CD: 'Til the Morning' soothes with peaceful harmonies, lyrics"  Pub. June 7, 2014

'Reality Parenting: As Not Seen on TV' is by Treion Muller. (Cedar Fort)

"Tips for living: 'Reality Parenting' encourages, prepares parents"  Pub. June 25, 2014, in print June 26, 2014

"'The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting' provides helpful insights, ideas" by Brad Wilcox, Jerrick Robbins Sept.2, 2014

"Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked" by Jessica Warner Sept. 20, 2014


  1. Thank you for your kind review of my book, "Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked." I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed it.

    1. You are welcome! My nine-year-old read it 2-3 times. He loves non-fiction! :)