Saturday, August 3, 2013

Missionary Work is Simple!

I really love missionary work. Though I never served a full-time mission, I have always been a missionary at heart. I love to share the gospel because of the happiness it brings to my life. I have witnessed people gain that happiness and it is miraculous and wonderful to see.

Some people are scared to share the gospel at times for a variety of reasons. Being a missionary doesn't mean you have to have in depth discussions about really hard topics. You can simply just be happy, and people will recognize the light in your eyes and be drawn to it. You can share briefly what it is that makes you happy and then go from there. And as Elder Russell M. Nelson declared, "Ask the missionaries! They can help you!" The biggest thing we can do as followers of Christ, is to truly ACT as a disciple of Christ and do what He would do on earth if He were here. Continually strive to be like Jesus. That is the key. All the rest will fall into place.

For fun and for cuteness sake, here is a little video where some young children simply answer questions about being a missionary:

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