Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gimme All the Candy!!!


The time of year when we essentially tell our kids to throw out the rules of  "do not talk to strangers" and "do not take candy from strangers"
And we let them dress up like things that we wouldn't let them watch on TV (well, at least we don't watch scary things at our house, aside from ET that is).

So, stranger danger is void. Being scary is good. And eating way too much candy is acceptable. I am not sure which part of this is the worst. I'm betting that if I have kids up in the night sick or having nightmares from eating too much candy, that will be the worst. Am I right? 

You're only a kid once, I suppose. And they love this candy-getting holiday for sure. It is so much fun to get dressed up--even adults do it, but, sometimes on a whole different scale. 

I find myself wondering if adults see Halloween as an excuse to dress completely inappropriate. Really? I mean, I'm all for creative costumes, themed costumes, but if you're out to dress like a, well, um...'lady of the evening', well, please put some clothes on--children are watching (okay maybe they're just staring at their candy, but I am still unimpressed and disturbed)! 

Back to the matter at hand...lots of candy was acquired tonight, mostly not from strangers. Of course they are dressed scary, but they are the cutest scary I have ever seen. Love these 6 kids more than anything.

Funny occurrence while trick or treating: 

My kids were being crazy loud. Keeping with the theme, I told them they were going to wake the dead zombies. This worried Kate.

Kate: "Mom, I'm feeling ominous."Me: "Ominous?"
Sydney: "I don't even know what that means."
Kate: "It means that you feel like something is coming or that something scary is going to happen."


The scary characters we had this year were a zombie, a pretty witch, an Iron Man zombie, a cat, a pit crew man for Lightning McQueen, and another wee witch. Aren't they precious?!?! 

Happy Halloween! 



  1. So fun. It I a strange holiday... Yes please talk to strangers and ea their candy :)

  2. Right?? And, please, eat all the candy you want so we can deal with your sick body later!