Monday, November 5, 2012

The Goodness that We Are

I've been pondering on talents or things I am good at recently--okay, it was because I was actually dreaming about it a couple of nights ago--weird, right?

 In my dream, I was walking with a past teacher/friend (because I am a nerd and always thought of my teachers as friends) from high school. We were chatting and walking through some fictitious school (that has made appearances in several of my dreams recently). She pointed out a place in a grand hallway and said, 

"That is where you'll be performing in Les Mis."
 I said, "Yeah, I doubt that. Maybe in the chorus or something." 
She looked at me questioningly. 
I responded, "I have realized I'm not really that good at music and theatre, but I am good at writing. I really love it."

The morning after this dream, I went to church and the Relief Society lesson hit on talents, strengths and weaknesses, and not judging others or comparing ourselves to each other. I had a thought that I shared with the class.

We shouldn't compare our weaknesses to someone else's strengths. We all have weaknesses, we all have strengths. We compliment each other and it is through working together that we can achieve greatness.

Think about it.

What if we were all good at the same thing? You'd have billions of doctors and no entertainers. Or hoards of bankers, lawyers, and accountants, but no teachers, writers, or athletes. Wouldn't that be a terribly unbalanced world? Wouldn't it be...well...awful? 

I think God gave us unique talents and gifts that we could use to bring to pass His plan. To do His work. To work together to build up His kingdom on earth. We are to help each other. Lift each other. Strengthen and inspire one another. Some of us do it through music, some through writing, some through healing. Some people are great friends or communicators. Some can build buildings, or foresee the needs of others. 

Here's some things I have realized I am not good at (really, I am just coming to myself and being real): 
Picturing things spatially.
Music/acting (though I am trying and I am not terrible, but certainly not gifted)
(I know there is tons more, but I can't think right now...I'll probably add some later as I think of them.)

However, I am realizing some things I can do:
I cook good, healthy food (I make awesome whole grain bread--come over, I'll make you some).
I am a communicator.
I really like writing (can you tell?).
I have a good knowledge on how to heal the human body.
I have a really strong desire to help people come closer to Christ.

This all made me think...shouldn't we then help people to recognize their strengths? Shouldn't we help our children discover what they are good at? Can't we all work together, sharing our strengths, to make the world, literally, a better place? 

There is good in each of us. I really believe that God blessed us all with special gifts and talents that He knew we would use for good. Helping. Comforting. Healing. Uplifting. Inspiring. We need not dwell on all we can't do, but find the things we can do, and use them to benefit those around us.

Therein, lies the true gift. 

© Wendy 2012

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