Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bedtime Mayhem...yep

Tonight my husband is out of town which leaves me here. 


With 6 kids. 

At bedtime. 

Let me introduce you to my 6 dwarfs, er, I mean children this evening (in no particular order): Giggly, Chatty, Whiny, Disobedient, Stubborn, and Fussy.

 I guess I could be the 7th with exhausted

I fed them (yummy breakfast-for-dinner by the way).
Let them watch a little TV (don't judge).
I told them to get their PJ's on and got PJ's on the two youngest (1 and 3 years old).
We read scriptures (even through the playing, the roaming the house, the loud humming).
I gave them vitamins.
We said prayers.
And then, the herding began.
Like chasing cats with squirt guns.

My head is whirling, so I think we deserve a little music from two of my special guests, Mercy River and Hilary Weeks (you can find them on YouTube or CD's are available at Deseret Book). They are spot on with these parodies about family life and getting kids to bed.  Click on the links and enjoy! 

Seriously, click.

Do it.


You did? Well do it again for good measure. 

Goodnight! xoxo

© Wendy 2012

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