Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Being an Answer to Prayer

I've been really touched recently as I have witnessed God working in my life and the lives of others who are close to me. It has caused me to reflect and realize how often He really has had his hand in my life--usually through others He has placed in my surroundings to teach, lift, inspire, shape, encourage, and support me.

Even as far back as elementary school and then into junior high, high school and college, I can recall times where friends, teachers and family have taught me and helped me in my life. I've claimed (unbeknownst to them) some as my personal mentors (I probably have more mentors than I can even count). Some have helped me through my personal hard times, some have taught me by their example, others have amazed me by their love. Sometimes, I have observed how bad choices have affected their lives. I have seen others helping each other in various ways to better their lives. I have learned from the strength, testimonies, hard work, compassion, and different views of so many wonderful people.

I love this quote as it encapsulates so much, while teaching us that we need to help each other:

I strive and hope to be a person that can meet the needs of another person. I want to help people become closer to Christ and to become who He knows we can become. I have had so many do this for me, how can I not desire the same for others? In fact, one of the reasons I started blogging almost 1 year ago, is because of some wise insight from one friend and encouragement from another. I truly believe that these two women have helped me to understand more fully my mission in life by being willing to help and lift me--and listen to promptings. 

Our Heavenly Father loves us so much more than we can comprehend in our mortal minds. He also sees us so very differently, so much better, than we see ourselves. If we only knew, I think we would not succumb to the pitfalls we sometimes fall victim to. He did not put us here to fail. We need to trust in Him, pray to Him for help, and seek out those who He can help through us. 

I feel my words are not adequate to share these deep feelings I want to express, but I hope you can feel the meaning in your hearts. 

© Wendy 2013 


  1. I couldn't agree more! You are an inspiration to me and more others. Wendy. xo