Friday, April 4, 2014

What is LDS General Conference?

Every 6 months, the world-wide Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a conference where we hear inspired messages from Church leaders. We believe these messages are from God. Each speakers spends months in preparation--praying, fasting, writing, re-writing, and praying and fasting some more so that they will be able to receive inspiration from God on messages he wants His children to hear.

Topics often include families, marriage, temples, family history, overcoming adversity, prayer, repentance, grace, baptism and other covenants, raising children, strengthening testimonies and being examples to others around us. There are four general sessions, one for the Priesthood holders of the church and one for the women ages 8 and up--which is new and happened for the first time this last weekend.

For me, it is a time to receive answers to my prayers, be uplifted, receive inspiration and recommit myself to the gospel once again. You can feel the love the leaders have for all of the people in the world. The love of God shines through them.

Just like in ancient times, God has Prophets and Apostles to lead and guide His church. He did not end his speaking to the people with the Holy Bible. The Book of Mormon is "another testament of Jesus Christ" and is a record of the people in the Americas before, during and after the time of Christ. Here's a personal invitation for YOU:

I invite you whether you are LDS or not to watch, listen to, or read the messages shared her. I am happy to try to answer any question you may have. Also, I have a standing offer to send any who want one, a Book of Mormon (see this post).

You never may hear or feel something that is specifically an answer to your prayers.

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