Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Power of Music

I love music, but not usually the stuff you hear on the radio. Because I am trying to become a better person, you'll find my car CD player full of uplifting, often religious, music. Some may think that is so boring, but I love it--I need it.

I think music is healing, therapeutic, inspiring, energizing and uplifting. Because the words are put to music, it is easier to recall the words and the messages given. When I am going through hard times, I am often comforted through music. The Holy Ghost can speak to us when we strive to listen to good music that is conducive to the Spirit.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a CD of my favorite group, Mercy River (incidentally, they just changed their website, and it is gorgeous! I literally just spent 20 minutes perusing it. I'm kind of a huge fan/non-dangerous stalker). I was grateful for the opportunity of course, but I soon realized how it was an answer to my aching heart. So many of the lyrics were reminders of who I am, a visual of what I need to do and a feeling of peace and love from God.

One of these is "Holy Ground"
(David Osmond, Aaron Edson)
© 2010 One South Publishing

I guess my life has somehow been like the woman caught in sin
She sat there broken at His feet she knew the law
But heard let he who’s without sin cast the first stone
And not a single one was thrown
With no man left there to accuse, she left behind her tattered shoes

I’m on Holy Ground now and I don’t ever want to leave
Hold me here now and keep my feet planted down in what I’ve found
Upon this holy ground

I know I didn’t have to leave to find this feeling inside me
But I left it all the same I broke the rules to win the game
And now its clear from where I stand, I could’ve always felt His Hand
And though His touch I did refuse, I’m laying down these tattered shoes

With every moment standing here I can feel Him drawing near
And if I could stay in this place I’m sure that I could see His face
And yet I know life must go on, so let this memory linger on inside
Become a part of me

I’m on Holy Ground now and I don’t ever want to leave
Hold me here now and keep my feet planted down in what I’ve found
Upon this holy ground

For me, this song is a beautiful illustration of how we leave not only our sins at the feet of our Savior, but also leaving behind our hurts, pains, sufferings and the wrongs done to us. We don't need to carry any of this around with us as our Savior has already done it for us. We can become clean, be healed, and become whole through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Whether it's a CD in your car, at church or wherever else, there can be inspiration and special messages just for you conveyed through the Holy Ghost. I say no to the music of the world because it does not make me feel good inside (though you can find  some on the radio that are good!). I fill my life and the lives of my kids with good music. It is powerful. It can change and shape lives. The same goes for bad music, but in a negative way. The influence of music in our lives is far reaching, so choose wisely! 

© Wendy 2014

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