Saturday, October 4, 2014

God Speaks Today

Christians believe that God spoke through prophets throughout history. Much of this is recorded in the Bible.

Yet, what about today? Does He still speak to us?


I am a Christian--a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--and we believe that Christ's church has been restored to the earth after it had been taken away for a time. This was done through one of God's prophets, Joseph Smith. I know there seems to be a lot of controversy about Joseph Smith, but, I know for myself that he was used an an instrument to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. He even died for his convictions and his unwillingness to deny what he knew to be true.

Since that time, the Lord has called more prophets to teach His word. Every 6 months, they address members, and others who are interested, during what is called General Conference. There are both female and male leaders who speak to us, beautiful music and inspiring messages that help answer personal questions (usually something we have been praying about) and inspire and motivate us to improve our lives and overcome shortcomings.

Whether you are LDS or not, curious about "Mormon" beliefs or are just looking for something in your life that is missing, please, accept my invitation to watch, listen to or read with me and more than 15 million other believers around the world.

And, as always, if you're interested in receiving a copy of the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ--which includes an account of Christ's visit to the Americas, feel free to contact me, or visit this post for more information.

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  1. I do what I can by the blessings of my Heavenly Father. Bless you all love putting this online

  2. Growing up fundamentalist/evangelical, I was told that as a born-again Christian God would “speak to me”, “move me”, and “lead me” so that I would know and could follow his will. I listened to others talk about how God spoke to them, moved them, and led them to do this and to do that…but He never did the same for me. I finally came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with me because God had decided he didn’t want to talk to me. So I left the Church.

    Many years later I became an orthodox Lutheran and was told that God doesn’t work like that. The evangelicals are wrong. The voice they are listening to is their own. According to “true” Christianity, God speaks to Christians in only one manner: through his Word, the Bible.

    That gave me a lot of peace…until I found out that the “Word” is full of discrepancies, errors, and scribe alterations.

    I was very sad (and angry) to find out—it is ALL nonsense.

    So what about my problem of not hearing the "voice" that other evangelicals were hearing speak, move, and lead them? After deconverting completely from Christianity, I came to realize that it was THEM, not me, that had the problem. They were hearing voices. I was the sane one...who did not.

    1. I think the hard part is learning to recognize the ways He speaks to you. It's not like I hear a voice, but I'll make a decision and feel good about it in my heart--or conversely, a bad choice and know it as well. Sometimes, I'll be praying for answers I need and a new thought will enter my mind. God doesn't shout from the roof tops or appear to everyone who demands; He uses the influence of the Holy Ghost to comfort, teach and inspire. Sometimes people will "hear" a voice, but it is often in small ways that we receive answers and it often requires our diligence so we can recognize it.

      The first step is to have exercise faith and to ask God what you need to know. Start simple. Ask if He is really there and if you are His child. He will answer you.

      Yes, because of numerous translations, the Bible does have discrepancies. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also believe in the Book of Mormon--another testament of Jesus Christ. It's a companion to the Bible, but it took place in ancient America. It has one version because it was translated once. We believe in the Bible as well, but recognize some truths have been taken out or changed by humans over the years. Please let me know if you have further questions.

    2. How do you know you are receiving answers from a god and not just listening to your own internal thoughts, wishes, and desires?

    3. It's the feeling that accompanies it. It feels more powerful than my own thoughts. Some people describe it as a warm feeling, a burning in the bosom, or it can sometimes elicit tears. It's hard to explain, but there is a difference. Maybe this article will be of help:

    4. Hindus and Mormons describe the same intense "warm feelings". Why shouldn't we accept their devout feelings as evidence for the truth of THEIR belief system.

    5. We are all God's children regardless of belief system. He will help guide and direct us when we ask if we do so in faith. Regardless of religion, we are entitled to those warm feelings, as long as we are open and willing to receive them.

    6. So you agree that feelings are not a good indicator of truth.

  3. “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If in my name you ask me[a] for anything, I will do it.

    ---Jesus of Nazareth

    Do you remember asking Jesus for the BIG stuff when you were a little kid? You asked Jesus to give you three ponies ( a black one, a brown one, and a white one) for Christmas. You asked Jesus to bring back your favorite GI Joe after he washed down the street drain in a storm. When your dog, Tippy, died you asked Jesus to bring him back from the dead. When you heard about all the starving children in the world, you prayed to Jesus to leave an envelope with one million bucks inside on your doorstep the next morning so you could feed all those starving kids.

    So why don't you ask Jesus for the BIG stuff anymore? He said to ask for anything and he would do it!

    Answer: When we get a little older we realize that Jesus didn't really mean what he said. What he meant to say was this,

    "If you ask anything in my name, I will do is my will to do it. If it isn't my will, I won't."

    So as we get older we stop asking Jesus for the big things, the hard things, because we have learned that Jesus never answers those prayers. Ok, maybe once in a great while Jesus answers a big or hard prayer but it is always something that could have happened by chance anyway, isn't it? Even really rare things can happen by chance. But Jesus never resurrects Grandpa or Grandma from the dead, no matter how hard we pray, does he? Jesus never reattaches a severed limb from an amputee, does he?

    No, Jesus doesn't answer those prayers. That is asking Jesus for just a little too much, isn't it, dear Christian? That is why when you get older you only ask Jesus for the easy stuff: To bless your food. To give you a "nice day". To keep your kids safe.

    And when it is time to go to bed at night, you get down on your knees by your bed and you ask Jesus to bless everyone in your life; you thank him for having let you and your children live one more day...and then you fall asleep into your wake up in the repeat the same prayer...full of easy requests, so you don't ask too much of Jesus...who promised to give you anything that you asked for.

    But, maybe you're not asking Jesus for too much. Maybe the reason Jesus doesn't answer the big or the hard prayer requests is because Jesus can't hear you. Jesus can't hear you...because Jesus is dead.

    Dear Christian: You are an adult now. Just as you stopped believing in imaginary beings called Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, it is time to stop believing in and praying to an ancient man/god who died 2,000 years ago. The "Virgin Birth", the "Resurrection", etc., are ancient folk tales. Jesus doesn't answer your prayer requests any more than Santa and the Tooth Fairy answered your requests to them when you were a kid.

    It's a silly superstition and nothing more, friend. The fact that Jesus doesn't answer your "big" prayers is proof.

    1. Gary, I answered your first and follow-up questions under the guise that you were truly seeking answers. Instead, I can see you just want to belittle my belief in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I actually pray to Heavenly Father (God) in the name of His son Jesus Christ. They are eternal beings who are aware of my life and interested in my personal struggles. Jesus Christ did die, yet was resurrected and lives! You cannot assume you know my life experiences, nor can I yours. Your life and spiritual experience is different than mine and I hope you find what you're looking for.

      Actually, no I didn't ever pray for ponies or the other things you joke about. However, there were many times I had lost something important to me and spent a great deal of time searching. Then I would pray for help in finding in it. I would often gain a new idea of a place to look--and then find the object. My upbringing wasn't typical to other religious households; I studied and learned by myself through my own seeking.

      I do consider praying for my children's safety "the big stuff." I have prayed for other big things and I know He has heard and answered my prayers and has helped me through some of my biggest trials. It is unfair for you to make assumptions about me and my faith.

      If you are earnestly seeking answers, I can direct you to some helpful resources, but I'd rather not continue on this discourse at this time.

      Thank you for being respectful of my beliefs and those of others.