Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Such a Small, Insignificant Thing

I was doing laundry today (okay, I'm always doing laundry), when I noticed something bad. To my horror, I discovered remnants of a red crayon in my dryer. I am pretty sure it managed to spread some of its red, waxy goodness on every single sock, pair of underwear, shirt, pants and blanket that may have been tumbling with it in the hot dryer.

I had to toss some articles of clothing in the trash. Some, we'll deal with--like red crayon on socks--not generally noticeable, right? How this crayon found it's way into the laundry, I can't know for sure. In a pocket? Placed by tiny fingers? Just mixed in 'the pile'? I don't know, but it is there, permanently, in all it's red blazing glory (I guess I could go look up some laundry miracles on the internet...).

A red crayon. Such a small thing. So seemingly insignificant. Used by tiny fingers to create masterpieces to be displayed on refrigerators. I love the color red. But, when this red, tiny, insignificant thing ends up in your laundry, it suddenly becomes a very BIG significant thing. Almost like magic, it is able to permeate the entire load of laundry. If not cleaned up, it could also contaminate the next batch of clothing.

Do you have red crayons in your life?

Are there seemingly small, insignificant things that you probably shouldn't be doing in your life that could potentially permeate your soul?

It's interesting how there are so many small things that we are asked to do (or not do) as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, yet many people don't think these things are important enough to matter. Maybe in hindsight, it will be like the red crayon.

Perhaps swearing, having more than just one ear piercing, having a tattoo, drinking coffee or partaking of other harmful substances, watching inappropriate movies or dressing immodestly seem like they are not that important. But, why then, would we be instructed to abstain? I think partially, it is about obedience, but mostly, doing some of these things slowly allows for more inappropriate things, which individually may all be small. But, compiled together, they become larger openings for more serious sins to envelop our lives. Satan knows this--hence why he works so diligently to convince us that it's "not that bad" or "it won't hurt anyone or anything" or "I have my agency!" Satan is so cunning and deceitful and he wants us to fail. Don't listen to him.

Just like the red crayon--it's "not that bad"--until the heat gets turned up and suddenly it's much worse than you previously could have imagined.

Eliminate the red crayons in your life. Don't risk it. When the heat of the world gets turned up, avoiding these small significant things will prove to be an advantage and blessing to us. If you don't understand why we are asked to do or not to do a specific thing, study, pray and seek for the answer, gain a testimony and become converted. Where the Atonement is needed, apply it. "Keep the commandments. In this there is safety and peace."

© Wendy 2013


  1. This is a wonderful insight! great analogy!

  2. I will never think of laundry the same way again--or red crayons for that matter!