Sunday, December 9, 2012

In The End, It's Worth It. (Right?)

Our 6 kids have been absolutely bonkers lately. I wish I could blame it on the holidays, but it's not even that because they've been crazy for months

Sundays are a bit more nuts because we have church (which is a whole different story of exhaustion), then we spend the rest of the day together. By dinner time, they're so goofy, it's hard to even bless our food without giggles. Mom and Dad are frustrated and losing sanity (if we had any to start with), and the kids cannot gain control of themselves. 

So, tonight, we were recommitting ourselves to read our scriptures (again--really, we're going to finish it eventually--and then start again). It was painful to get through. Not because we don't like to read scriptures, but because of the constant shoosh-ing, stopping of fights, and trying to get them to pay attention, all while also juggling our scriptures and kids on top of and next to us.

We read and discussed one chapter, put the kids in bed way past bedtime, and we are now committed to waking up early to do it all again. Here's hoping it won't be as insane as tonight was.

But, it will be worth it.

I have faith that if we are diligent and keep working to raise our kids right, teach them right from wrong-- regardless of what may be 'popular,' do our scripture reading and Family Home Evening, then our family will be blessed. Even if our kids lose their way at some point in their lives, I am confident that they will find their way back. I also have hope that by instilling a strong foundation now, they will be able to withstand the trials, temptations and problems later in life. 

And so, we press onward.

Even though this is hard right now--the craziness and chaos and all else that goes with having 6 young children, I wouldn't have it any other way (well, I lie a little--I'd like to have a clean house, some silence, and a shower by myself without someone coming into tattle or cry).

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